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Stored Procedure Builder  v.0.6

A small Tool that help build Stored Procedures and related C# and ASP.NET code.

Stored Procedure Generator  v.

Stored procedures provide the ability to perform some action against a database and have some advantages to query data from an application. First and foremost, it reduces the amount of redundancy and has a performance gain when multiple calls are

C# Stored Procedure Auto Generated Stubs  v.1.0

Project creates auto generated code that when included in your .net project makes access to Sql Server stored procedures so simple. example that calls SP and returns value from row. int Id=da.SP.getID("fred").ExecuteOne().Customer.Id;

SQL Stored Procedure Broker  v.1.0

Browse your MSSQL stored procedures, document them automatically and generate C# stubs to make them callable like web methods, or from a trusted instance.

Java Stored Procedure Wrapper for Oracle  v.1.0

Code generator (Freemarker) that parse an Oracle Stored Procedure definition and generates a clean EJB wrapper.

Stored Procedure Access Generator 4 Java  v.1.0

spag4j is a code generator written in Java to produce Java code for accessing a stored procedure layer from a database. Currently it supports stored procedures written in an Oracle. It produces either an EJB3 Java layer or simple static access methods.

External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL  v.1.2761

External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL is a patch for MySQL 6.

Generador stored funciones postgresql  v.1.0

Es un generador de procedimientos almacenados para postgresql. FUE TOMADO DE otro proyecto q estaba abandonado llamado pgp-generator. Me pareciA? buena la idea y para no dejarlo morir creA

SPBuilder  v.0.6

A small Tool that help build Stored Procedures and related C# and ASP.NET code.

SQL Decryptor  v.1.1.0

Decrypts SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers, and views on SQL Server. You can easily restore lost definition in any SQL Server's database enjoying the similarity to SQL Management Studio and the appearance of Visual Studio 2010.

Xp_adsi  v.2

The xp_adsi extended stored procedure allows to read the data from the Active Directory. It is easy to use and is a quick way to get the Active Directory data. The perfect tool for MS SQL Server. The extended stored procedure supports WinNT and LDAP

Web Historian  v.1.3

MANDIANT Web Historian are stored in the history files

Tahoe Data Manager  v.1.3

Tahoe Data Manager is an access point to all kinds of data stored within SeaMonkey and Firefox

YahooPasswordDecryptor  v.1.6

YahooPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover Yahoo Login passwords stored by popular web browsers and instant messengers.

PaltalkPasswordDecryptor  v.1.5

PaltalkPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover all stored account passwords by PaltalkScene

Beta-VDF and Beta-Engine  v.

IEPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to quickly and easily recover stored passwords from Internet Explorer.

Win9x PassView  v.1.1

reveal the passwords stored on your computer by Windows 95/98 operating system

ThunderbirdPassDecryptor  v.1.5

ThunderbirdPassDecryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover the stored mail account password by Thunderbird.

DigsbyPasswordDecryptor  v.1.5

DigsbyPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover all stored account passwords by Digsby.

SQL Iterators  v.1.0

There are several undocumented stored procedures that many DBAs rely on to do their day to day work - namely spMSForEachDatabase and spMSForEachTable.

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